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‘ADVAYA’ meaning unique and ‘AYURVEDA’  being the ancient science with an holistic approach to self-care.

Our motto is to celebrate the ‘UNIQUE YOU’

We come up with organic, certified, handmade skin care products for every skin type.

Our Products Privileges

Natural Soaps

Advaya Ayurveda Soaps are crafted to scrub your skin gently  along with smoothening  effect and can be used daily for face and body

Ayurvedic Face Packs

Advaya Ayurveda facepacks are crafted to make your skin smooth, clear and enhance the glow naturally . They are made with selected herbs with no added colors and preservatives. Removes excess oil, dirt and reduces acne.

Combo Kits

Advaya Ayurveda Soaps are crafted to scrub your skin gently  along with smoothening  effect and can be used daily for face and body

We Are Certified In

Our Produts are :


Clinically tested


Organic ingredients used


⁠Handmade products


SLS and Paraben Free


Good to use regularly


Safe on skin


Quality products at affordable prices

What Our Customers Have to Say

Deeksha BalkrishnaDeeksha Balkrishna
07:50 13 Mar 24
Very good natural handmade products for skin in affordable prices, iam using these products from 1 week and can see positive changes on my skin
Judith VictorJudith Victor
15:29 12 Mar 24
It's a great place to find products that are gentle on the skin and free from harsh chemicals. I've experienced exceptional results so far and would definitely vouch for them. You'll love exploring their skincare range!
sowjanya vsowjanya v
07:14 12 Mar 24
Advaya Ayurveda soaps provides a gentle, refreshing cleanse with its all-natural ingredients and rich lather, leaving skin feeling clean, soft and nourished without irritation.soap also acts as a scrub.After using your face packs, I've noticed a significant reduction in my dark spots and acne scars. It's truly amazing how much clearer and smoother my skin looks now.Extremely effective products!
Bilvashree V (Bilva)Bilvashree V (Bilva)
07:05 12 Mar 24
I have tried all the Advaya Ayurveda's products and I personally love their dedication to using natural ingredients which is truly commendable. I've personally experienced remarkable results and highly recommend them.Upgrade your skincare routine today and treat your skin to the best!!Lotssss of LOVE and APPRECIATION!! 🌟 👏🏻
Anitha DcostaAnitha Dcosta
05:56 12 Mar 24
Excellent products, I have been using tan removal face pack and Natural glow soap, very much satisfied with products, all thanks to Advaya

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Advaya Ayurveda ?

We bring in specially curated, tested, herbal handmade ayurvedic products that naturally enhance the quality of the skin by removing dead cell accumulation and bringing in the natural glow.
Affordability without compromising quality, making it budget friendly.
All products are Ayush certified.

Why choose Ayurveda for skin care ?

Ayurveda is chosen for skincare due to its holistic approach, using natural ingredients and personalized recommendations based on individual doshas predominance of the skin (vata, pitta and kapha) or a combination of those .

Can Advaya Ayurveda soaps be used daily?

Yes, Advaya Ayurveda soaps can be used daily as a part of a regular skincare routine. All ingredients are gentle and suitable for daily use.

How often can Advaya Ayurveda facepacks be used?
  • All clear facepack and Exfoliating facepack can be used once in 3 days .
  • Tan removal facepacks can be used daily for 3 days and then on alternate days for another 3 days when there is excessive tan, otherwise it can be used once in 3 days on regular basis.

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